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    We believe in finding and support the best social entrepreneurs across the world that are using technology and the internet to help solve the world's problems.

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    Our goal is to work with the brightest emerging social enterprises to awaken innovation across the region and around the world.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Social Challenges

    We actively support these teams with strategic thinking and access to transformative resources to enable market expansion.

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    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our three global offices. From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, is committed to supporting our clients and investors.

    Christine Mills

    CEO & Co-Founder

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    Edward Peterson

    General Partner

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    Engineering - Full Stack Engineer

    • Improving our backend infrastructure and database schema to help Andreessen Horowitz better utilize company and fund data (including migrations, query profiling for performance indexes, logging, improving the reporting and job management system).
    • Writing additional ETLs to gather, structure, and normalize data from new and existing sources for our database.
    • Creating additional internal APIs to expose this data to front end applications.

    Deal Team - Deal & Research Analyst

    • Cultivate a network of subject matter experts. The analyst will maintain a set of “pick up the phone” relationships with the most influential people in space (e.g. university professors, executives at established companies, industry analysts, etc.)
    • Ad hoc research. Perform business and technology research on markets, companies, and themes that the firm is interested in.
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